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6 responses to “Classes and Workshops

    • Hi Suz,
      Nothing scheduled except one private class! I got bogged down in some writing and editing projects and except for personal clients have been taking a hiatus from classes. That might change in the spring.
      Chaya Rivka

  1. Hello Chaya Rivka,

    I’m wondering if I can use a combination freshly ground whole wheat with a few cups enriched white flour in place of all the spelt. I’ve had lots of trouble with spelt in the past and want to play it safe. Thank you for the blog! michelle

    • Hi Michelle,
      I only tested this recipe with all-spelt flour or 5 pounds of spelt flour and 4 cups white flour. (I played around with various proportions and the second combination seemed to work well.) My best guess is you would need more kneading time, fewer eggs and oil, and definitely less sweetener if you are using freshly ground whole wheat flour. Why don’t you check out The Fresh Loaf’s forums and ask someone for a good whole wheat flour recipe?
      Good Shabbos and thanks for reading,
      Chaya Rivka

  2. Hi
    im the one who spoke with you last week at the health food store on cortelyou rd. i was wondering if you had any recipes for a parve choelant.

    • Hi Michael,
      I get this question all the time, so I’m going to try and do a vegetarian cholent post in the near future with at least a few recipes. I’ve got some great ones, so please subscribe to and keep an eye out for the link to the post in your in-box.
      To subscribe: Type your email in the orange box which says Send me FREE recipes. It’s in the upper left hand quadrant of each HJC blog page.
      In the meanwhile, you can try any recipe you usually make, minus the meat. If you like a rich, meaty flavor, brown the onions. Also, taste right before Shabbos because it will most likely need a bit more herbs and spices than cholent made with meat.
      Thanks for reading….
      Chaya Rivka

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