Guide to HJC’s Posts

Posts are archived with titles and descriptions. Posts containing recipes list the recipe titles. Posts which primarily focus on health are titled in green and cover a range of topics from IBS, gluten-intolerance, and other health issues to discussions about sugar, soy, and other ingredients. HJC reader/sponsor-favorites have a ♥ icon. 

Putting Myself On the Line on writing an article for

Healthy Celery Recipes one of my favorite vegetables with recipes for Apio, a Sephardic Sweet and Sour Celery, and Wood Village Salad, a different take on Waldorf Salad.

Raw and Living (or Baked) Sprouted Chickpea Felafel Recipe for Sprouted Chickpea Felafel in both a raw and baked version, how to sprout chickpeas, and tahina.

Feeding Your Skin and Bones discussions about eczema, psoriasis, and arthritis as well as what foods to eat and what to avoid.

Healthier Shavuos (Shavuot) Recipes including Fava Bean, Pecorino Romano, and Arugula Salad, Fennel with Olives and Tomatoes, Herbed Greek Yogurt Dip or Spread.

Schlissel Challah A sweet, authentic recipe (scroll down for sourdough, starter-based, gluten topics.)

Healthy Passover Recipes Delicious brisket and poached chicken recipes and sources of kosher pastured meat.

Be the Butterfly Another non-food related post, musings about the power of our actions.

Soup, Beautiful Soup with recipes for Easy Winter Quinoa Tonic Soup and Tonifying Pumpkin, Noodle, and Ginger Soup.

Love, Jewish Style What is true love? Rebbe Nachman tells us. A non-food related post.

The Fat Bug reveals that it is not your fault you’re fat.

A Greek Hanukkah? The Hanukkah War was a battle between light and darkness…and light won. Also, two yummy recipes for Greek-Jewish fritters for Hanukkah.

Eggs: Soul, Mind, and Body discusses common misconceptions about eggs and health. Do they really cause high-blood cholesterol? Is there really a difference between free-range and regular, supermarket eggs? What makes an egg kosher?

Easy, Creative, Gluten-Free Menus has several suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and treats—all gluten free.

Gluten and Your Skin, Digestion, and Moods Because I’m doing a series about gluten and how it can affect your mood, along with nutritionist Trudy Scott (at the Therapy Soup blog at which I co-write with my husband), I’m sharing here, too. Trudy gave me some links to clinical studies and the research is astonishing.

Judaism and Vegetarianism Is vegetarianism a “Jewish” thing? Should Jews be vegetarians? My thoughts.

Yom Kippur-How to Prepare For and Break the Fast Advice for those who’d like to give up the sugar rush.

Airline Confiscates New Year’s Honey is about some amazing NY honey and varietal apples (plus a true story about an airline (to remain nameless, for now)

Rosh Hashana Recipes: Main Courses with three easy-to-prepare, unpretentious recipes including Meatballs with Sour Cherries, Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb with Spicy Pomegranate Glaze, Chicken with Onion Sauce.

The Honey Cake Wars with sourdough honey cake recipe.

Jewish Chicken Soup with chicken soup recipe.

Best of the Kosher Web with links you may or may not have heard of.

Simple, Healthy Eating with 15 tips and insights.

5 Salads for the 9 Days with salad and dressing recipes, including sour salad, sweet salad, sesame noodles, tempeh-chickpea salad with mustard-chia dressing, living beet salad.

Nosh with spicy Shabbos fish recipe and insights into Jezebel.

A Key to Women’s Meditation, a book review.

The Travesty That Is Parve Ice Cream with maple-walnut- cashew ice”cream” recipe and variations.

♥Eight Dips for Shabbat with recipes for basic tahina and variations, hummus, babaghanoush, mild aioli with variations, skordalia, roasted pepper dip, better tomato dip, Moroccan olive and lemon dip.

Epicureanism or Kosher with recipe for weekday bean soup.

Tablet and Tigers with link to article on Tablet as well as repost of the Tigers portion of Cheese and Tigers.

Cheese and Tigers about some great kosher cheeses as well as thoughts about man-eating tigers!

♥Mediterranean Shavuot Recipes with recipes for Hortopita-Greens and Cheese Pie (Greece), Classic Vegetarian Antipasto (Sicily, Southern Italy), Tarator-Cool Cucumber and Yogurt Soup (Turkey, Bulgaria), Homemade Cultured Yogurt Cheese and Date Spread on Pita Toasts (Israel), Assorted Cheeses (recommendations), Leafy Salad (Mediterranean).

♥Dairy Allergies and Homemade Yogurt with a detailed discussion of dairy intolerance and allergies, the most nutritious milk and dairy products,  as well as a recipe for homemade Greek yogurt and a bonus salad recipe with yogurt dressing.

Clean Eating Detox (Part 2) covers sugar and health, the liver, and gives you clean-eating insights: Super Green Foods, Sprouted Grains, Beans, and Seeds, Well Cooked Grains, Beans, and Seeds, Stimulating Herbs and Spices, Raw and Lightly Cooked Organic Vegetables and Fruit, A Sour Tonic, Organic Vegetables and Non-Citrus Fruit Juices (Lemons, too), Naturally Soured and Fermented Foods.

Spring Clean Eating and Your Liver (Part 1) Getting started.

Matzoh Face Contest (A Passover Oddity).

Passover Recipes – Kugel with recipes for Potato Kugel, Vegan Sweet Potato Kugel, Tropical Chocolate Dessert Kugel.

Passover 2012 Recipes with recipes for Vegan, Gluten-free Banana Crepes, Crepes and Noodles, Chocolate Orange Pudding, Bright Start Passover Breakfast, Refreshing Tropical Tart, Citrus Pie/Bars, My Favorite Dessert.

Passover Cleaning and The Seder A thoughtful piece by Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg via BeyondBT.

Stay Out Of My Cholent, Mayor Bloomberg and Passover Tips Don’t ask, just read.

Post-Purim, Pre-Passover, Three Easy Recipes with recipes for Cleansing Breakfast Fruit Salad; Easy, Anti-inflammatory Green Drink; Spring Tonic.

Purim Things   with recipes for Sprouted Rye and Raisin Flatbread, Homemade Gluten Free Granola, thoughts on Purim.

Homemade Flax Crackers, Anyone? You know those $6.00 for 4 crackers they sell in the natural foods store? Learn how to make living flax crackers (and variations) for less (but read warnings).

A Jewish Approach To Healthy Tastes What do you get when you take Traditional Chinese Medicine and Food Theory, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and Rebbe Nachman of Breslov? A recipe for 5-Taste Eggplant, naturally. After all, this is HJC.

Tu B’shvat Fruit, fruit and more fruit…links, that is.

Bukharan Cholent My neighbor Yanna’s authentic recipe.

Kosher Food Fight Skip if you’re gripe-averse.

♥Sourdough, The Longer-Shorter Path Why wild-yeast (aka “sourdough”) starters make a better, more digestible bread.

Market Culture Traditional, living borsch with natural probiotics.

Grow Your Own Probiotics What they are, why you need them, and why you should grow your own.

Are Vitamins Bad For You? Sometimes they are. Many are simply a waste of money. However, some supplements are worth the money you spend. Don’t be “sold”, be a smart consumer.

Food Photos Except for a handful of photos (the tiger, the red currants, the China-town shot, the wheat grass) the photos on this blog were shot by me. Here are some additional ones. Feel free to use my photos, but credit them ( and share the link back to this blog, please.

Vegetarian Soups As per request, with recipes for HJC’s Grown-up Butternut Squash Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Lima Bean Soup, Politically Incorrect Indian Summer Soup.

Eating A little note about the Breslov Repair Kit articles at the Breslov Research Institute website.

♥Soy? Oy! Why you should avoid most soy products. Seriously.

Cholent for Bob includes a basic cholent recipe, update: I skip the barley.

Rye Bread The stuff you buy in the stores is not rye bread. Learn about real sourdough, Jewish rye’s health benefits, a list of great bread-baking books, and a recipe for my Easy, Unscientific, No-knead, Real-deal, Sourdough Rye Bread.

Raw Foods Going raw? It may or may not be right for you. Whatever you do, get some good nutritional advice beforehand, keep it temporary, and know that there are dangers (but some benefits for some people).

Is There An IBS Personality? If you have serious digestive problems which fall into that catch-all, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, know that like any other physical state of well-being or otherwise, there is a psycho-spiritual component, too.

Ripe, Peach Smoothies A delicious treat, with recipes for Peach and Banana Smoothie, Coconut Peach Smoothie.

Green Tea Groove  The health benefits of green tea.

Tahini (and Hummus) Don’t buy prepared dips, make your own and avoid preservatives, flavorings, and expense. With recipes for homemade Tahina Dip with Variations, Tahina Salad Dressing, Living Hummus, and Sprouted Chickpeas.

Parve Zucchini Parmesan Satisfy your cravings for lasagna and other rich, baked, cheesy foods with my recipe for a dairy-free, wheat-free, casserole.

Green, Raw, Kosher, Parve With some raw/living recipes for HJC’s Zucchini Pasta with Tomato-Basil Salsa, Liquid Lunch: A Very Green Smoothie, Peach Pie for a Hot Kitchen.

In Memory of Leiby Kletsky

Tomato Dip and Ethics With recipe for Garlicky Tomato-mint Dip.

Beinoni Raw Apple Pie With recipe for Beinoni Raw Apple Pie, naturally.

♥Peaches, Plums and Blessings Why you should never eat (most) “hard” unripe fruits and fruit and vegetable safety and preparation tips.

Cavemen, Kabbalists, and Macrobiotics (Don’t Ask) A cynical exploration of popular diets.

Emergency Ice-cream Recipe It’s an emergency! You want ice-cream but you don’t want typical kosher fare (made with denatured milk, corn syrup, flavorings; not really ice cream at all). Here’s the easiest, healthiest recipe for parve icecream you’ll ever find (with variations). Parve Ice Cream.

Not So Vanilla Shavuos With a yummy recipe for Parve Chocolate Cream Pie (!)

My Jewish Power Lunch If you are able to do raw/living, this will satisfy your springtime/summertime cravings for something green with a recipe for My Jewish Power Lunch.

Chaya Rivka’s Guide to Sugar and Sweeteners The title says it all. (See Sweetness and Light, too).

♥Sweetness and Light The psycho-spiritual side of our cravings for sweets.

The Blessings of GABA Rice What it is, why it might be a good food for you, how to make it.

Fudge for the Perplexed Fudge brownies for those chocolate emergencies Fudge Brownie Recipe with variations).

♥Seven Rules of Mindful Eating (The Jewish Way) Want to feel great? How you eat is as important as what you eat. Are you following these basic guidelines?

Is it Candy? Is it Fish? The Truth About Gefilte Fish. With a recipe for Sweet and Sour Shabbos Fish.

Is it Gluten Intolerance? The Real Deal About Challah. Maybe it’s not the gluten, or even the wheat. Learn why a thousands of year old baking technique called “fermentation” helps you digest bread. Contains recipe for French Bread Challah.

Searching for Macrobiotic Kugel Why I decided to write this blog.

Why? A brief beginning.

I haven’t finished loading in all the links yet but if you are finding the materials here on HJC beneficial and informative, please consider making a contribution to help keep this blog running. Any amount is greatly appreciated. I no longer have a Paypal button (the fee wasn’t worth it). You can make any contribution or dedicate a post or even a page to someone’s memory or as a zchus for a refuah sheleimah (or whatever you like), please contact me at

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