Beyond Diet: Healing Body & Soul

This Monday evening, May 9th, at 8:00 PM Eastern time, 5:00 PM Pacific time, you’re invited to a free online program.spring-eye-1-1433372

Ready to go even deeper and explore a unique spiritual understanding of the purpose of our bodies, why they hurt and why they heal,  and more?

Join me, Chaya Rivka Z. for The Dance of Body and Soul, a special FREE online course for women.

More about this class:

How do the eyes, hands, heart, and other body parts reflect your spiritual anatomy?

Does good health or it’s opposite always correspond to the state of your soul?

Is there an original holistic healing modality that is rooted in Jewish mysticism, one that is relevant today?

We’ll explore the answers to these and other essential questions using the fascinating BRI book, Anatomy of the Soul by Chaim Kramer as our guide. Rebbe Nachman’s stories and other Breslov sources will also be discussed.

Most of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s lessons include a discussion of some part of the human anatomy. His approach to our bodily forms and functions is unique in all of Judaism, yet it rests firmly on a foundation of the deepest Torah. As we discuss this intriguing topic, we’ll come to a richer understanding of why God houses our soul in this brilliantly-complex home we call “my body”, the paradoxical interplay between soul and body, and a fresh outlook on health and healing.

  • A Kabbalistic Map of the Body
  • Towards A Definition of Healing
  • Body/Soul Health vs. Body/Soul Dis-ease
  • Spiritual Power of Each Organ and Body Part
  • Digestion: Eating and Food
  • Anatomy of Anger
  • Purity vs. Toxicity
  • Joy as Medicine

And much more…

Go Ahead. Comment. You know you want to.

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