Let My Children Cook

Let-My-Children-Cook-coverCuteness alert: I couldn’t resist the title of Tamar Ansh’s new Passover cookbook for parents and kids, Let My Children Cook.

Tamar is Jerusalem-based baking and cooking expert as well as the author of six books (on a variety of topics). In her latest cookbook she offers appealing ideas to entice your children, ages eight and up, into the kitchen.

The 80 recipes are easy to follow and have tons of kid-appeal: Rocky Road Brownies, Matzah Marshmallow Melts, and Crunchy Chicken Crisps are on the menu. If your kids are trained properly enjoy cooking during Pesach, they might even pitch in and volunteer to help cook (and clean-up) during the year, too.

Some of the recipes contain sugar and other ingredients you might want to avoid, but it’s not that hard to make substitutions. Some also contain matzo or matzo meal meal (gebrokts). Tamar Ansh also has written a completely non-Gebrokts, wheat-free, gluten-free cookbook for Passover or all year round called Pesach: Anything’s Possible.

You can visit Tamar Ansh at A Taste of Challah.

Here’s a fruity, parve smoothie from Let My Children Cook:






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