Pickled Turnips

pickled turnips pickle guysTorshi Left, the ubiquitous pink pickled turnip served as a condiment or snack in the Maghreb and other points East, is often overlooked. See my piece at Tablet Magazine about this unique fermented vegetable (recipe included).

If made with raw apple cider vinegar or lacto-fermented with salt, these pickles are not only gorgeous, but also healthy.

Also, watch and listen to Alan Kaufman, the owner of The Pickle Guys, tell us why he loves his work.

Read more about the art and science of pickling here, at HealthyJewishCooking.

One response to “Pickled Turnips

  1. Speaking of turnips…Very convincing, both from that luscious lefet illustration and the warmly persuasive writing. I’d better hurry to the supermarket before the rush, so I can put ‘lefet glamourized.’ on my table.

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