Matzoh Face Contest

When we first unpacked this Passover matzoh to serve at our seder, we knew it looked like someone’s face, but whose face? I insisted on saving the matzoh for a post-Passover matzoh shoot (and because I’m going to sell it on Ebay for ten thousand dollars. Yeah.) Naturally, I had to postpone my plans to do a post on internal spring cleaning with green drinks. 

Here’s what we think it looks like:

1. A cevess (a lamb) which is really eerie since we first pulled it out of the box in order to use it as the Afikomen which represents the korban Pesach (the Paschal lamb). We ended up using an ordinary round one instead.

2. Pharoah (Paroh)

3. Perhaps 1940s and 1950s comedian Morey Amsterdam (no disrespect intended)

4. Or Jackie Mason (no disrespect intended, but after all, if you insist on being in the public eye…)

What do you think? The person with the best answer will win the 2012 HJC Spring Humor award. You can put that on your resume.

If that doesn’t motivate you, have a heart. I talked my husband into standing holding a Matzoh Face at 2:30 AM after several hours spent doing a major post-Passover clean up. The man’s a saint. Let’s reward him with some funny answers.

Here’s another view in case you need more inspiration.

Serious healthy Jewish cooking with recipes and insights will return asap.

2 responses to “Matzoh Face Contest

    • For some reason, perhaps this WordPress Theme, at least two people can’t figure out how to leave comments. In an email, R. says: “bichon frise” and “where’s the comment tab?”

      Sari says: Can I just tell you in private? I don’t want you to post my responses.


      I guess this is the failed strange matzoh contest experiment.

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