Dear Readers,

If you’d like to explore Jewish spirituality from a Breslov viewpoint, which I believe is both Universal and in-depth, the Breslov Research Institute (the oldest publisher of Breslov texts in English), has a web site with a tremendous amount of quality articles. I’m really honored (and humbled) that they asked me to contribute a blog.

Naturally, my first post is about a food-related topic—EATING. Although I hope to blog about a variety of topics in my posts (which I collectively call the “Breslov Repair Kit”), since Rebbe Nachman spoke so much about what is really going on spiritually when we eat, I plan on returning to the topic again and again.*

Your comments about this new project are very welcome. If you have questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section. I’ll do my best to answer but if I’m unable, I’ll research the answer and get back to you.

Thanks so much for being a reader and have a wonderful week,

Chaya Rivka

*Not withstanding one of my favorite Jewish expressions: Man plans and G-d laughs.

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